Be Extra Kind on World Kindness Day

World KIndness

Introduced in 1989, World Kindness Day is an international observance on November 13 introduced by the World Kindness Movement. It is a day where we should be extra aware of how our actions affect others and to focus on random acts of kindness that will make others feel liked, appreciated and respected. This list of ideas will do just that. With enough practice we can all make kindness the norm! 

Give an abundance of compliments. Why say one nice thing when you can lots of nice things. Make a personal goal to give out five compliments today to strangers or people you know. 

Smile at strangers. Let everyone feel like you are happy to see them by giving them a smile today. Try to make a goal to smile at all the people you encounter throughout the day…friends, family and strangers! 

Hold a door open. Chivalry always wins, so be sure to hold open the door to everyone you meet at a doorway. And even better…don’t expect a thank you. Just do it out of kindness. 

Give extra (and extra-long) hugs today. Who doesn’t want an extra hug? If you are greeting someone with an embrace, give them an extra squeeze to let them know you care about them. 

Practice self-care. You should be kind to yourself, today, too! Do something for yourself that makes you feel good and try reciting five positive affirmations to yourself. 

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