Thanksgiving Activities for the Entire Weekend

Thanksgiving activities

On Thanksgiving, serving a spectacular meal to your family and friends tends to take center stage, but it’s also a wonderful time to focus on the people and not just the food. Thanksgiving Day turns into Thanksgiving weekend, with a good amount of downtime for the kids and your visitors. Here’s a fun list of creative activities to do after the dishes are done! Get ready to make some new memories and perhaps, start some new traditions. 

Build your family tree. If multiple generations of your family are present, have your kids or you assemble a comprehensive family tree. Your older relatives may remember family members you don’t. Get creative and using everyone's fingerprints as the leaves to make it even more special. 

Interview Grandpa. Or grandma or whoever else may be staying with you. What a wonderful opportunity to get to know them outside of special occasions and family get togethers. These questions can help prompt a great interview: What’s the best job you ever had? What kind of student were you in school? What did your kitchen smell like when you were growing up? 

Donate. Collect food donations and donate to local food banks. And if you’re especially feeling charitable, take your family to a shelter or food pantry to help deliver or serve food to those who are also deserving of a delicious meal. 

Head outside. Goodness knows you’ll probably need to stretch your legs and work off that extra helping of pie. Go for a family hike to see the colorful leaves or organize a football game in the park. 

Shop! We’re not talking about the infamous Black Friday sales (although that’s fun too), but make a shopping plan to participate in Small Business Saturday to support the businesses in your own community. 

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