Halloween Party Ideas for Adults and Kids


Are you throwing a boo bash this weekend? If so, here are some fun ideas for all the age groups to ensure a wickedly, spooktacular event! Happy Halloween! 

Slipcover Gravestones. Take old pillowcases and decorate them with eerie gravestone descriptions. You can print on iron on transfers or use stencils and markers directly on the fabric. Slip them over the backs of dining chairs. 

Black flowers. Purchase silk or real flowers – roses and baby’s breath are good for this – and spray paint them black. Place in a black vase – either purchased that way or also created with paint. 

Bat leaves. While you’ve got the black spray paint out, paint some fall fabric maple leaves the same color. Leave them plain or decorate with little vampire faces for an especially eerie look. 

Poisonous Candy. A simple idea, but also frightening is to put a sign on your Halloween treat bowl that says, “Pick Your Poison.” Print out using a Halloween font for an extra dose of scary. 

Scary stares. Purchase candy eyeballs and mix them in with a bowl of trail mix, M&Ms or any other candy dish that can use “an extra set of eyes.” 

Creepy candles. An old favorite, spray paint some wine bottles in Halloween colors like orange, black, green and purple. Then light taper candles in the same color scheme and let them do all the work. They’ll drip down the sides of the bottles leaving a spooky effect. 

Puffy spider webs. Create this arachnid-inspired inspired craft and display throughout your home stuck to walls, mirrors and even as placements. Using parchment paper and black puffy paint, draw good-sized spider webs on the paper and let dry overnight. The next day, carefully peel off the webs and place them where you will scare the most people. 

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