Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day celebrated each September 28, was created with the goal for communities to become more connected to those living near them. Of course, being a good neighbor doesn’t need to start and stop on this day...there are many things you can do throughout the year to celebrate and appreciate those who live around you. We’ve come up with four ways to celebrate your friends...new and old!

Host a block party. This year the day falls on a Tuesday, so perhaps, initiate a party on the weekend after. If your neighborhood is filled with kids, ask parents to chip in for a bounce house or inflatable waterslide. If your neighborhood is more adult driven, have a simple potluck with chairs and tables out front. 

Say hi to the new people. Unless you were born on your street, you were new to the neighborhood at one time as well. Meet and greet your new friends with a basket of move-in day must haves (toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies) or bake something or prepare a meal for them early on. 

Stay alert. A community where most people know each other is also a safer community. You’ll all know when something just doesn’t seem right or if a neighbor’s home looks busy inside when you know they are away on vacation. 

Start a kid co-op. If you have a few friends with children set up a schedule where each of you takes turns watching the entire group, so all the parents get an opportunity to do some running around without the kids. If you have four other neighbors who will do this with you, you’ll get four trips alone! 

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