How to Get Involved at Your Children’s School

School volunteer

The long fun days of summer have come and gone, and it’s back-to-school time for your kiddos. If you have little kids who are just starting their long educational trek, you may be excited to become involved in their school activities, but you don’t know where to start. This can also be true for families new to a school district. We’re here to help you be involved in this important part of your kids’ lives. It’s rewarding and fun! 

Attend all the open houses. Even though you may not have quality one-on-one time with the teacher at these busy events, you’ll get to see your kids’ teachers in their element. You’ll learn how they grade, their expectations, and see the classroom your children will spend so much time in. You’ll meet other parents and get a feel for the campus and culture of the school. 

Join the PTA. Joining the PTA awards you the opportunity to attend the general meetings to see what’s going on at the school level with regard to administration. You’ll learn about programs and initiatives your school is planning, and you’ll often be asked for input. If you feel really enthusiastic about this organization and want to effect change and help on a deeper level, look into becoming an on-site PTA board member. 

Volunteer in the classroom. Your teacher may need help on busy days. Parents are able to help with reading corners, math tables, art projects, etc. on a regular basis. Ask if you can get on a schedule to come in and help with these special activities. get to see your child learning and interacting with other kids in the classroom. 

Volunteer out of the classroom. It’s not a secret today’s teachers are often scrambling to pack massive amounts of learning and fun into one day for our kids – often alone. Ask the teacher how you can help outside the classroom if coming in during the day is difficult or impossible. Teachers can use help cutting and pasting décor for their room, ordering Scholastic books, planning events, etc. 

Volunteer at the school. If being a teacher’s aide isn’t your thing, there are other places the school can use your help! Ask the administrators, classified staff, librarian and the PTA what events or jobs you can assist within the office or around the campus. They’ll keep you very busy! 

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