Tips for Meal Prepping

2022-2-28 SJV Meal prepping.jpg

Do you feel overwhelmed at the end of the day when it’s time to start making dinner? For some of us, that turns into ordering takeaway or throwing in a pizza because it’s easy and fast! Yes – these options are simple, but they’re not always healthy. These tips can help you get organized and do a little meal prep for the rest of the week. When you don’t have to answer at 5 p.m., “What am I going to make tonight for supper?” you’ll be less stressed and able to cook with a little more ease. 

Plan and shop. Like all good planning, it’s important to be organized. Plan your meals in advance and then shop for the ingredients you’ll need that week and in the future. Look for bulk purchase for spices and dried goods, and freeze items like meats and poultry that can be used later. 

Don’t prep fresh foods too far in advance. If you’re prepping fresh food, use those ingredients as near to that day as possible since they can go off sooner than later. This link will give you an idea of how long food items will keep. 

Cheat one day. To take the pressure off, have a ‘cheat day’ where you either just pop something commercially prepared in the oven or you indulge in eating out or getting a take-out meal to eat at home. 

Use your freezer. Utilize your freezer as often as you can to store extra cooked meals. Make enough of one meal that can be used in a few weeks or months from the original one. Be sure to label it with the dish name and the date you first prepared it. Then when you’re stuck or don’t have time to cook, you can grab it and warm it up. 

Have the correct containers. Invest in good containers that can be washed over and over again and that have adequate seals. Also look for storage containers that can go straight from the freezer to the oven or microwave. And they should always be dishwasher safe. 

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