Hanging Shoe Organizers – Not Just for Shoes!

Shoe Organizer

Who doesn’t love a good storage hack! And especially if it’s inexpensive, easy to find and takes little to no set up. You may even have it at your house already doing the job it was meant to do. But let’s think outside the box a little when it comes to over-the-door shoe organizers. You know the ones...with the little pockets that fit a pair of shoes. Well, a lot of other things will fit there too! 

Legos. Clear, plastic shoe organizers are the perfect spot for those teeny tiny bricks. Have fun with your kids, while teaching them sorting and cleaning, and organize the bricks by type, size, color or however you want. Imagine a little pocket filled with wheels, red bricks, green bricks, minifigs, etc. And then hang the entire thing on a peg on the wall for easy access. 

School supplies. Each pocket can hold overflow supplies that your kids may need to dip into throughout the year for items like mechanical pencils, index cards, erasers, highlighters and such. Let their class lists be the guide. Purchase enough of each item at the beginning of the year, and your kids can help themselves easily when they need to stock up again. 

Craft supplies. Imagine a place where all your scissors, stickers, yarn, thread and pens could be easily seen, sorted and all in one spot? You’ve just imagined a shoe organizer hanging on the wall with clear pockets and all your craft items resting peacefully with like items. 

Wires. There are so many wire configurations it’s hard to keep up! USB, USB-C, lightening, leads, Apple, android, extensions, widgets! It’s too much! Label each pocket with the type of wire it is and keep them all separated. This technique is way easier than a drawer. For an extra dose of organization, wrap each wire individually so it can be removed and put away easily. 

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