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5 Tips For Creating An Accent Wall In Your New Home

There’s at least one wall in a room that is completely blank. The usual response is to put some artwork on it and fill it up. Rather than drawing attention to a blank wall, you want to take attention away from it and hope that no one notices that you haven’t put that much effort into that side of your room. However, it’s generally a better idea to use that space and make the most of it. If you just engage your creativity, you’ll find that there are so many things you can do with a blank wall, as indicated by this article in Huffington Post. Accent walls can make your new home more aesthetically attractive and functional. Here are a few tips to help you create one:

San Joaquin Valley Homes Sells/Reserves 10 Homes Released During Grand Opening Celebration At San Marino In Visalia, CA

VISALIA, Calif. – San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJVH) sold or reserved ten new homes released during its grand opening celebration at San Marino, the local homebuilder’s sixth neighborhood in the Central Valley, on April 18th. More than 345 groups toured the models during the weekend. SJVH has released 16 lots in the 27-acre community, which has a total of 95 home sites. Now open daily for touring are three single-family model homes, built in French Country, Tuscan and Italian styles located in highly desirable northwest Visalia at Riggin Avenue and South Shirk Road. Starting in the low $300,000s, the spacious homes range from 2,219 to 3,205 square feet with three to six bedrooms and large lots. With thoughtful embellishments and handcrafted details such as keystone entryways, full-height stone veneers, concrete tile roofs, courtyards, expansive windows, granite counters, hand-textured walls and maple cabinetry, the homes are stunning inside and out. The homes offer features that are desirable in the Visalia market, including spacious kitchens with center islands, spacious laundry rooms and large covered patios

Reuters: "San Joaquin Valley Homes Sells/Reserves 10 Homes Released During Grand Opening Celebration At San Marino In Visalia, CA"

VISALIA, CA- (Apr 30, 2015) – San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJVH) sold or reserved ten new homes released during its grand opening celebration at San Marino, the local homebuilder’s sixth neighborhood in the Central Valley, on April 18th. More than 345 groups toured the models during the weekend. SJVH has released 16 lots in the 27-acre community, which has a total of 95 home sites.

Central Valley Real Estate: Terms You Need To Know When Buying A New Home

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Whether you are buying your first home in the Central Valley or bought a home in the past, you may be rusty on your real estate terms. When visiting new home communities to tour models or talking to your realtor about the Central Valley real estate market, various real estate terms will come up. According to an article by Redfin, everyone should know certain real estate terms before they start their search. If you are looking for single-family homes in Central California, you can expand your real estate vocabulary as well as your imagination with this easy guide. Move-up buyer A move-up buyer or step-up home buyer is someone who has owned a starter home in the past, but wants to upgrade. Move-up buyers often have equity in the home they sold, which helps them afford a larger or more expensive property. Some first-time buyers buy in the same neighborhoods by putting down a larger down payment or due to their excellent income and credit. A report by CNBC points out the real estate market depends on move-up buyers to sell their older, starter homes to younger buyers.

New Homes In Hanford, CA And Things To Do In The Surrounding Community

You have decided to move to Hanford, California. Whether it was your choice, a job transfer, or a decision your spouse made and you have simply decided to support your spouse, moving to the land of the unknown can be a little scary. If you are moving from a larger city such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, or even Fresno, you might be wondering if there will be anything for you to do in Hanford. You could be concerned you will either have to go to another city for fun or spend most of your time at home. At San Joaquin Homes, we want you to love your community as well as your home. To help you get a feel for new homes in Hanford, CA we have looked at some of the variety of things to enjoy in the city.

San Marino, Northwest Visalia's Most Anticipated Neighborhood, Celebrates Its Grand Opening Next Weekend

San Marino grand opening
San Joaquin Valley Homes has set the scene for the launch of their sixth neighborhood in the Central Valley with the Grand Opening of San Marino next weekend. The celebration begins on Saturday, April 18 at 10 am with three stunning models, fully decorated, and open for touring. These San Marino homes are amazing—inspired by classic European architecture in the traditions of Italian, Tuscan and French Country, displaying thoughtful embellishments and handcrafted details such as, full-height stone veneer, keystone entryways, inviting carriage lights, concrete tile roofs, and enchanting courtyards. Elegantly appointed, the interiors feature naturally beautiful granite counters in kitchen and baths, tile flooring, hand-textured walls with two-tone paint, expansive windows with a view in the great rooms and spacious 9-10’ ceilings throughout the first floors. The blend of aesthetic appeal with functional living spaces make these homes especially attractive. Ranging from 2219 sq ft to 3205 sq ft. with 3-6 bedrooms and 2-3.5 baths, the plans offer the opportunity for you to personalize your home with additional room options and, depending on the plan, casitas, porte cochere and supplementary garages are offered as well. Along with the large homesites, allowing for diverse outdoor opportunities, you’ll find a perfect combination for families of all sizes and lifestyles. Located in the highly desirable northwest area of Visalia, at Riggin and Shirk, San Marino embraces a peaceful, country setting, yet it’s close to all the conveniences of the city. Families with children will appreciate the great schools of the Visalia Unified School District including the construction of a new middle school at the corner of Riggin and Akers, beginning this year. Starting in the low $300’s — take advantage of San Marino’s Pre-Grand Opening prices and best selection by contacting Victor Corral today at 559-625-8333.

Avoiding Junk Calls In Your New Central Valley Home

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You’re looking forward to spending a quiet dinner with the family in your new home. Suddenly, the insistent ring of your landline phone interrupts the pleasant conversation. You could just let it go to voice mail. But what if the call is from welcome wagon, your kid’s new best friend, or your spouse’s new job? So, you answer it immediately and it turns out to be a telemarketing call pushing solar panels. You hang up in annoyance. You wish your family could just scrap the landline altogether and rely on your mobile phones. But you know in an emergency that knocks out power to cell phone towers, your landline still functions. Go ahead and keep your landline but cut the junk calls with these tips.

4 Reasons To Consider A New Home In Tulare

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Finding your perfect home can be a real challenge, especially if you are working within a small budget or if you and your significant other disagree upon what is important in your home. When looking to purchase a home, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or you are experienced at buying a home, it might be worth it to consider a new home in Tulare for these four reasons.

Meryl Streep, The Basics Of Decluttering Your Visalia CA Home And Combining Form With Function

Meryl Streep has been quoted as saying, “The interesting thing about being a mother is that everyone wants pets, but no one but me cleans the kitty litter.” This quote brings home a few different things. First of all, as any mother will tell you, bringing up kids is a difficult but rewarding job. Secondly, if you want your new home in Visalia CA home to be neat and tidy, you pretty much have to do everything yourself. You can hire a cleaning lady and they’ll clean up all your surfaces, leaving your home sparkling. However, they’re not necessarily going to know what to do with your paperwork and your important documents. They may not realize which clothes have to be hand-washed and which can go in the washer. They may hang up things in the closet which you would prefer to keep in a chest of drawers. So if you want to get organized and avoid clutter in your new home, here are a few tips:

Earth Friendly Tips For Landscaping Your New Home In Visalia CA

Landscaping your new home in Visalia CA is as important as interior decorating. Just as you pick energy-efficient but sleek and contemporary appliances for your new home, you can select landscaping materials, turf alternatives and native plants that require little watering during periods of drought. Some horticulturists use the term, “xeriscaping” to describe the earth-friendly method of beautifying your yard with drought tolerant plants. According to a report by CalRecycle, xeriscaping is about creating a water efficient yard. The report explains the word xeriscaping comes from the Greek terms “xeros” for dry and “scape” or a view. Contrary to the way the word translates to “dry view,” expect a lush, vibrant and colorful landscape from outside your new San Joaquin Valley home. Experts point out that California has a limited supply of water, which is why they say to plant “un-thirsty plants.” In addition to protecting the water supply, you reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers that harm beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies as well as poison the water supply.

Finance 101: Affording Homes For Sale In The Central Valley

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After waiting so long to make their move to buy a first home, many millennials skip the antiquated notion that a first home is always a fixer upper or tiny condo. As a first time buyer, you can easily afford new construction homes for sale in the Central Valley. Developers are busy at work, adding hundreds of new homes with upgraded features and amenities to Central California. According to an article by CNN Money, it’s easier to buy a home in 2015 because of low down payment programs for first time buyers and easier credit. As long as you have a steady income and decent credit score, you won’t run into the same obstacles experienced for many due to the subprime mortgage crisis. When it comes to financing your first home in the Central Valley there are a few “Financial 101” basics to know.

4 Reasons To Live In Visalia, California

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There are many positives to living in a small town. Small towns are simpler, peaceful places. Traffic is rarely an issue, cost of living is lower and people are more likely to slow down and get to know each other. But life in a small town can sometimes be boring, too. If you’re looking for something in between, consider buying a new home in Visalia. As the county seat of Tulare County, Visalia is an economic, cultural and government hub with a population of 124,400. It successfully combines the small town feel with big city amenities, creating a thriving community that is both sophisticated and diverse.

7 Tips To Personalize The Interiors Of Your New Home In Hanford, CA

If you’ve just bought a new home in Hanford CA, it’s time to come up with a plan for turning your empty house into an inviting living space. A new home is a blank canvas; you get the opportunity to transform each and every room into a personality filled space that you’ll adore for years to come. Here are seven suggestions for pulling it off:

Throwing A Dinner Party And Getting To Know Your Neighbors At Your New Home In Tulare

The writer W. Somerset Maugham once said, “At a dinner party, one should eat wisely but not too well and talk well but not too wisely.” A dinner party is supposed to be fun for everyone concerned and Maugham was no doubt concerned that by talking too wisely, people would start getting too serious. At the same time, eating too much can lead into indigestion, so you want to control your appetite without taking all the fun out of eating. If you’re moving into a new home in Tulare, or Hanford or Visalia one of the best ways to meet your neighbors and develop a circle of new friends is to host a casual dinner party and entertain on a generous but affordable scale.

7 Tips For Buying A New Home

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The economy is finally showing real signs of improvement, with unemployment down, the stock market up and wages on the rise. The housing market is one of the chief beneficiaries of an economy on the rebound. With interest rates still low and foreclosures falling, sales of existing homes reached an 8 month high in June with no signs of trouble on the horizon.

Things To Do Within An Hour Of Your Hometown: 5 Awesome Activities In Fresno

Fresno is the hub of the Central San Joaquin Valley, and the culturally diverse region has much to offer residents from the nearby cities of Visalia, Hanford and Tulare. Each of these communities are less than an hour’s drive to Fresno, the fifth largest city in California with a population of more than 500,000. That means you can sample all of its unique attractions