The Milan plan great room and kitchen viewed from the entry

Thanksgiving Activities for the Entire Weekend

Thanksgiving activities
On Thanksgiving, serving a spectacular meal to your family and friends tends to take center stage, but it’s also a wonderful time to focus on the people and not just the food. Thanksgiving Day turns into Thanksgiving weekend, with a good amount of downtime for the kids and your visitors. Here’s a fun list of creative activities to do after the dishes are done! Get ready to make some new memories and perhaps, start some new traditions.

Be Extra Kind on World Kindness Day

World KIndness
Introduced in 1989, World Kindness Day is an international observance on November 13 introduced by the World Kindness Movement. It is a day where we should be extra aware of how our actions affect others and to focus on random acts of kindness that will make others feel liked, appreciated and respected. This list of ideas will do just that. With enough practice we can all make kindness the norm!

San Joaquin Valley Homes and Presidio Residential Capital Close on Land in Visalia, Calif.

Vista del Sol
San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJV Homes) and Presidio Residential Capital closed on land in southeast Visalia, Calif., in Tulare County, where they will build a new single family, detached home community called Vista del Sol. Located at the southeast corner of K Avenue and Pinkham Street between Ben Maddox Parkway and Sleeves Lane, construction is slated to begin in the fall of 2021 with the first homes released for sale in the second quarter of 2022.

Fall Family Fun in the San Joaquin Valley

Pumpkin Patch
Sizzling early sunsets, the aroma of autumn spices, sweater weather and pumpkins all represent some of our fall favorites. And since San Joaquin Valley is located in one of the world’s top agricultural meccas, we are fortunate to have a premier pick of pumpkin patches! Here are a few of our top choices – some may require a drive and some are nearby, but all have something enjoyable for everyone. Please check with each one prior to arrival for details on your visit.

Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

Good Neighbor Day
National Good Neighbor Day celebrated each September 28, was created with the goal for communities to become more connected to those living near them. Of course, being a good neighbor doesn’t need to start and stop on this day...there are many things you can do throughout the year to celebrate and appreciate those who live around you. We’ve come up with four ways to celebrate your and old!

San Joaquin Valley Homes and Presidio Residential Capital Celebrate the Grand Opening of Sterling Oaks in Hanford, California this Weekend

Sterling Oaks
HANFORD, Calif. - San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJV Homes) and Presidio Residential Capital are pleased to announce the grand opening of Sterling Oaks, the first residential neighborhood located within the planned community of Live Oak, offering 106 detached single-family houses priced starting at $325,900, on Saturday, September 18, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Four Ways Your Kids Can Feel Great in Their New Home

Kids New Home
It’s often easier for adults to settle into a new home. Since they’re the ones who have taken care of all the details including the paperwork, the searching, securing the financing and moving, they’re likely to be relieved when it’s all done. Kids, however, just see that they’ve gone from one place to another. They will have to adjust to a new neighborhood, a new room, new friends and often a new school, so it may take a little more time to settle. These four tips will help ease their transition.

How to Make Your Home Smell Nice

Make Your Home Smell Nice
Scent has the uncanny ability to almost immediately whisk us off to a pleasant memory. Cut grass may remind you of your childhood home and evergreen scents may take you back to family holidays. And your home today doesn’t need to be any different. This sweet-smelling list has a few ideas on how to create that special scent you and your family can remember again in the future.

Seven Home Security Ideas

Home Security
After you move into your new home, one of your to-do list items could be to up the security level in your house. Installing an alarm system seems like the most obvious way, but there are other methods and tricks that can help your home be as secure as possible.

Seven Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer

Stay Cool
The Central Valley of California is known for its beautiful national parks, lush agriculture and its hot summer climate. But don’t fear those melting summer days. Of course, the A/C is the most comfortable way to stay cool, but if you’re looking for alternatives, there are other ways to beat the heat at home. Some may even save you some money!

The Best Reasons to Consider a New Build Home

Arbor Gates Living/Kitchen
If you take a drive throughout your community, you’re more than likely to come across realtor open house signs along with new neighborhoods welcoming potential homeowners to visit their beautiful model homes. If you’re not sure which route to take – new build versus older home – we’ve put together a small list to let you know why new is always better!

Fourth of July Activities To Do with Family and Friends

Fourth of July
The Fourth of July is rolling around again and it’s always a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family. While there are some fireworks shows and festivals in the area, you may be planning to spend the day closer to home. If so, here are some fun ideas to get into the patriotic spirit!

San Joaquin Valley Homes and Presidio Residential Capital Close on Land in Tulare, Calif.

Cypress Park
San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJV Homes) and Presidio Residential Capital closed on a parcel of land in northeast Tulare, complementing its other two communities in the area, Kensington and Brighton. The new community called Cypress Park will consist of 155 single-family detached homes and is located at the southwest corner of Pacific Avenue and Mooney Blvd. Model construction will begin in August 2021, and the first homes released for sale will start construction in September 2021.

Treat Dad Like a Superstar on Father’s Day

Father's Day (1)
We’ve come up with some very special ways to show dad just how much he’s loved...not just on Father’s Day, but every day! And not all gifts have to come from a store. Some of the best gifts come straight from the heart. Consider one of these fun ideas or create something original on your own. Regardless, dad will feel the love no matter what you do.

Countertop Options – Granite Versus Quartz

After buying your new San Joaquin Valley Homes house, the fun starts, namely choosing your décor! One of the most important decisions will be what surface you intend to pick for your countertops. Often these choices are between granite or quartz. Since researching them can be overwhelming, we’ve come up with a list of advantages and disadvantages for both to help you decide. You are also welcome to wander through our model homes and contact the professionals at our design center for more information.