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The Olympics Are Coming To Homes For Sale In Tulare County

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As it does every four years, the summer Olympics return in August to celebrate sporting achievement from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Even if you don’t fly to South America, you can enjoy all the pageantry from the comfort of your own home. If all this excellence inspires you or your family members to participate in athletic competition, the Central Valley has plenty of options to offer. Joining a sports club may not only fuel the competitive dreams but enhances your Olympic viewing since you’ll be watching events with a trained eye. Track and Field With minimal equipment requirements, distance efforts ranging from sprints to marathons, and activities that include running, jumping and throwing, track and field yields the largest number of competitors at the Olympics. USA Track and Field lists over two dozen member and non-member track clubs in the Central Valley. The Kings River Track Club in Reedley is typical. The membership fee includes uniforms although separate entry fees are charged for meets. Both group and personal training are available.

Survey Says Millennials Are Optimistic About Home Ownership

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Conventional wisdom would have you believe that millennials are not interested in home ownership. Eschewing the materialistic culture of the previous generation, they would rather rent apartments so that they can focus on experiences rather than add possessions. Laying those claims to rest is the recently released “How America Views Homeownership” survey by Ipsos Public Affairs. It shows that millennials have a greater desire to own a home than other age groups. About 40 percent of those 18 to 34 definitely will or probably will buy a home in the next two years compared to 19 percent for those 35 to 54 and nine percent for those 55 and over. The desire to own property is also stronger among Latinos at 33 percent and African-Americans at 30 percent compared to 22 percent for the general population.

Searching For Pokemon Around New Homes In Visalia, California

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The entire point about buying one of our new homes in Visalia, CA, is to foster family togetherness. You look forward to enjoying the spacious rooms and well thought out floor plan with your spouse and kids. Yet, they spend most of their time away from your residence wandering around the city with their cell phones aimed at strange properties. Your loved ones have just been enticed by Pokémon GO, the latest in online amusements. What is it? Pokémon, which is short for pocket monsters, started about 20 years ago as a game on the Nintendo Game Boy system. It then evolved into a franchise that included a trading card game, TV series, comic books, movies, and merchandise. Players collect cartoon-like monsters that could become more powerful by doing battle with each other.

Visalia Times-Delta: " Construction Permits Up, Housing Construction Active"

Construction permits for the county’s three largest agencies are on the upswing over the last six months. Visalia and Tulare County are also reporting the best fiscal year figures in years. In Tulare, single-family home permits this year are ahead of last year, while 2016 commercial activity has already eclipsed 2015 totals and is the highest total over the last five years. “It’s a successful period and we are moving along,” said Jeff Killion, Tulare Planning Commission chairman.

Setting Up Your Home Office In A San Joaquin Valley Home

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A big reason that you sprang for that extra bedroom in one of our San Joaquin Valley homes might be so that you could set up a home office. This space can be used to work on household accounts, telecommute to your employer, or run a small business. To get the best out of your new working space, follow these tips. Get It Built for Work If you already know what bedroom on the floor plan you want to use as a home office, we can help you maximize your workspace. Have us install low-maintenance flooring, such as wood or tile, and use easier-to-clean satin or semi-gloss paint on the walls. Eliminate fancy details and moldings in favor of something simple. When you’re in the room, you want to spend most of your time tending to business rather than cleaning.

How To Find The Best Movers For Your New Housing

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At any of our San Joaquin Valley Homes developments, we do everything that we can to make home-buying an upfront, easy, and convenient process for you. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for moving into new housing because that procedure is out of our control. We can offer some tips on how you can find the best movers. 1. Get recommendations. Ask family members, friends, co-workers, and members of your church and social circle for the names of moving companies. Broadcast an appeal on social media stating where you’re moving from and moving to. Do not depend on services that find you a mover because some of them are scams. Once you have the names, research them on Yelp or Angie’s List. Get information about the companies from the Better Business Bureau to look up any complaints and from the American Moving and Storage Association to see if they’re a member. Finally, search for the company on Rip-off Report and Moving Scam to ensure that they’re legitimate

Fresno Bee: "Builders Break Ground, Unveil New Homes In Dinuba And Fresno"

San Joaquin Valley Homes has broken ground on new homes in Viscaya, a master-planned community in Dinuba. The neighborhood will have 84 single-family houses with three- to four-bedrooms ranging in size from 1,443 to 1,872 square feet. The homes will have open floors plans and two- to three-car garages. Prices start in the low $200,000s. Construction on the model homes will begin this month with a grand opening scheduled for September. Viscaya, at Saginaw and Euclid avenues, is the builder’s seventh neighborhood in Tulare County and its tenth joint venture with Presidio Residential Capital. For more information, call 559-732-2660.

Great Apps For Owners Of Homes For Sale In The Central Valley

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You love your smartphone. It’s a combination calculator, filing cabinet, communication device, and information finder. You even sleep with the device recharging on your night stand. Lucky for you then that your indispensable can prove even more useful now that you own one of the homes for sale in the Central Valley. Just be sure to download these apps, which work for both IOS and Android devices. Homestyler The exterior of your new home is going to look just as good as what you saw in the model. That’s because both were created by professionals. As for the interior, you most likely won’t have the benefit of a decorator for your spaces. You won’t need one with AUTODESK® Homestyler, which lets you start with a photo of your room or one of its built-in empty spaces. You can then add fixtures, art, rugs, and 3D furniture to transform your interiors. As a bonus, you get pics of professionally decorated rooms for inspiration

When Is It Time To Stop Renting And Start Buying SJV Homes

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It’s hard to know sometimes who to believe when it comes to real estate. Listen to one expert and he recommends buying property now because of the low interest rates and rising values. Listen to another and she says to hold off because the dearth of inventory makes it a sellers market. No less a rental authority than Apartment Therapy avoids the question of unpredictable timing by taking a different tack. It recommends that you look at the following signs that it’s time to stop renting and start buying.

San Joaquin Valley Homes Breaks Ground On New Neighborhood In Dinuba, CA

DINUBA, Calif. – Local homebuilder San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJV Homes) has broken ground on the last parcel in Viscaya, a master-planned community offering 84 single-family homes at Saginaw Avenue and Euclid Avenue in Dinuba. Model construction will begin in mid-July 2016, and a grand opening is scheduled for September 2016. “This new community in a very desirable area of Dinuba will offer premium family homes at affordable prices,” said Joe Leal, co-founder for Visalia-based San Joaquin Valley Homes. “We expect it to be very popular.”

Bloomberg: "San Joaquin Valley Homes Breaks Ground On New Neighborhood In Dinuba, CA"

DINUBA, CA — Local homebuilder San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJV Homes) has broken ground on the last parcel in Viscaya, a master-planned community offering 84 single-family homes at Saginaw Avenue and Euclid Avenue in Dinuba. Model construction will begin in mid-July 2016, and a grand opening is scheduled for September 2016. “This new community in a very desirable area of Dinuba will offer premium family homes at affordable prices,” said Joe Leal, co-founder for Visalia-based San Joaquin Valley Homes. “We expect it to be very popular.”

Using Your Smartphone As A Smart Tool In Your New San Joaquin Valley Home

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Having a camera on the smartphone in your pocket makes it handy to take photos when the mood hits. In fact, when you decided to buy a home in the San Joaquin Valley, you probably took photos of the models and the neighborhood to share with friends and family. Here are a few more shots to take for organizing your life. Walk Through After your new home is built and you check it out with a walk-through, take pictures of the empty spaces. You can then document any changes you want made or any issues that need correcting. When you’re ready to buy furniture, window coverings or other accessories, you have pictures of the space that you can refer to, instead of relying on memory.

Clever Ways To Save Down Payment Money For a San Joaquin Valley Home

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Scraping together enough money for the down payment on a home can be a challenge. And even if you do have the funds, having extra cash on hand can help with unexpected costs. The following are some of our favorite ways here at San Joaquin Valley Homes to help you and your family save for down payment money. Week-Number Challenge The Week-Number Challenge demands that you save dollars equal to the number of weeks that you’re into the challenge. For example, on week one, you save $1. On week 2, you save $2. And on week 3, you save $3, up until week 52, where you put away $52. You’ll end up with $1,378 by the end of the challenge. That may not seem like much but why not get every member of your family into the game? The little ones can contribute one cent, two cents, etc, all the way up to 52 cents. This gives them a financial investment in your next property. If you feel the end result is still too small, up the ante by ten, so that week one saves $10, week two saves $20, up to week 52 for $520. This strategy ends up with $13,780 by the end of the challenge – enough to buy a $393,000 home if you qualify for an FHA loan with a minimum payment 3.5% down.

Organizing Your Closets In Corcoran, California

Organized closet with cloths and drawers
The closet is often a place for cramming, shoving, and tossing everything as fast as you can. But a closet has so much potential for so much storage. How can you take your new closet in Corcoran and change it into an organized place? How can you ensure that your closet works for you, making it easy to find what you’re looking for? Shelving, hanging rods, and boxes can all make your closet work better, but you need some careful planning strategies, too. Read on for more about the two most common types of closets, and how you should think about their storage capabilities. Bedroom Closets Bedroom closets usually house clothing, shoes, and sometimes purses, ties, shoes, and jewelry. If your closet is small (i.e.; not a walk-in closet), you may need to focus only on clothing. But we’re going to start with clothing anyway because every bedroom closet has clothes in it. Hang shirts on two rods, vertically, as shown in this photo from My Home Ideas. Dresses and pants can be hung in their own area because they will probably reach all the way to the floor. There might be space for shoes under these hanging items, but if there’s not, don’t fret. We’ll talk more about shoes in a minute. Purchase thin hangers to make the most of your hanging space. Use chain link hangers to really make the most of your space!

Start Planning Your Summer Central Valley Cookouts Now

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It is time to start thinking about summer! Granted, it almost always feels like summer in the Central Valley, but now summer is actually almost here. Do you have Memorial Day plans? What about 4th of July? Do you usually host a cookout, but want to kick it up a little this year? What about those spontaneous Saturday nights that you just want to have friends over in your backyard? Well, sometimes throwing a party seems a lot easier than it really is. Cooking, cleaning, and decorating can take a lot of time, leaving you too exhausted to enjoy your guests. That is why we have put together some food prepping tips as well as some simple decor tricks to help ease your hosting spirit:

San Joaquin Valley Homes To Build 144-Unit Neighborhood In Visalia

VISALIA, Calif. – May 20, 2016 – Local homebuilder San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJV Homes) announced it has purchased 37 acres of raw land on Jensen Street between St. John’s Parkway and Houston Avenue in Visalia and plans to build 144 single-family homes. Grading will begin in June, and a grand opening at the new neighborhood, called Pine River Estates, is scheduled for October 2016. “This neighborhood will offer quality homes at an affordable price,” said SJV Homes’ Co-Founder Jim Robinson. “Prices will start in the low 200s with newly designed floor plans and elevations. Plus, its location near elementary, middle and high schools that are all located close together is ideal for families.”

Important Mortgage Information For First Time Home Buyers

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As a first time home buyer, you are probably excited to pick out your new house! You may have created a list of what you want your home to include. How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, your ideal location and more are probably included on your list. With a first home, you will also be obtaining your first mortgage. Many first time home buyers don’t put as much thought into their first mortgage as they do their first home. However, this is a huge financial committment. Therefore, it should be considered seriously. Take the time to read the following important mortgage information for a first time home buyer. Get Pre-Approval It is worthwhile to get pre-approved before you start searching for your dream home. You will need to provide the following for the pre-approval process: Income Amount Information About Other Assets Proof of Employment Driver’s License Social Security Number During the pre-approval process, you will be alerted to any issues with your credit report and credit score. For example, an error may be found on your credit report. By identifying issues early in the home buying process, you will have time to address the problem before you purchase your house

Lessons From San Joaquin Valley Homes: How To Sell Your Old House

House cutout with FOR SALE sign in front
Our San Joaquin Valley homes offer the space, floor plans and amenities that you want in your next property, so you’re excited to buy one as soon as you can. That’s something we’re eager to help you with. Unfortunately, you also have your current home to sell before you can make a purchase, which is not something we’re directly involved with. However, our professional real estate experience can offer you the following tips on selling your home as quickly — and for the highest price – as possible. Get a pro to help with the sale. Unless you have many years experience in the real estate market, you need to get a professional agent to help you out. Sure, you’ll save money by doing it yourself. But you’ll have to handle advertising, open houses, showing the property, dealing with visits, and negotiating the deal. And you won’t know enough to figure out if the offer you received is worth considering. Then there’s the paperwork. As professionals ourselves, we know how complex processing the sale can be. If you miss dotting an “i” or crossing a “t,” you could easily mess up the sale and be financially liable for something you knew nothing about.

Avoid Old House Problems With A New Home At San Joaquin Valley Homes

Exterior Rendering of the Acacia plan
As a first-time home buyer or someone looking for better property, you’re also considering older homes. Many have traditional charm, bigger yards, full-grown trees, and well-established neighborhoods. They may also save you money over newer San Joaquin Valley homes. That is, if you’re willing to deal with time and expense of common old house problems. No Insulation Go back 50 years or so and houses may not have any insulation. Most builders believed that four inches of dead air inside the cavities of the framing provided enough protection from heat or cold. Any discomfort could easily be mitigated by a good furnace or air-conditioner, powered by cheap and abundant energy. Think about the cost and effort of adding insulation to an older property. You won’t face that issue in our new developments because all their structures are weather-proofed to the latest residential standards.

Handford Sentinel: "Taking The Pulse Of Kings County"

LA County’s Department of Sanitation has changed the name of their Kings County compost facility just as it has finally become operational. Approved by the Kings County Board of Supervisors in 2004, it has taken 12 years to make this happen in what is a remote part of the old lake bed. No longer part of Westlake Farms, the $130 million facility is now called Tulare Lake Compost. ”We should have our first batch of finished compost to sell in a few weeks” says engineer Paul Prestia.