The Milan plan great room and kitchen viewed from the entry

Starting a Flower Garden

Starting a Flower Garden
March winds and April showers help bring May flowers...that and some dedication and TLC from you! Have you dreamed of a beautiful, vibrant garden bursting in color and being the envy of your neighbors? With some hard work, planning and research, your floral dreams can become a colorful reality!

High Tech Gadgets for the Kitchen

Kitchen Gadgets
Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, this is the perfect room in the house to really ramp up with technology bells and whistles. There are many new smart products and gadgets on the market today to make your kitchen time fun, productive and high tech. Some of these of course, come with a cost, but others require minimal investment and are scalable.

Activities In and Around Central Valley

Kids at Zoo
As California slowly begins to open its doors to activities, events and places, there is suddenly a lot more to do with your family besides endless game nights, TV binging and Zoom visits. While the list is still limited, we’ve found some places you can go to now or soon with your family around our beautiful Central Valley. Please check each of these businesses prior to attending to make sure you have the most recent visiting information.

How to Organize Your Dresser

Organize Your Dresser
The dresser or bureau in your bedroom may be an overlooked piece of furniture that needs a little extra attention every now and then. Having an organized dresser can be the difference between a completely chaotic morning getting dressed or a happy experience because everything is where it’s supposed to be and easy to find. These tips will make your daily sort and seek a pleasure!

San Joaquin Valley Homes and Presidio Residential Capital Close on Land in Delano, Calif.

San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJV Homes) and Presidio Residential Capital recently closed on a parcel of land in Delano, a city in Kern County, California, to add another 281 Central Valley homes within two new single-family communities. Both neighborhoods will be located at the southwest corner of County Line Road and Hiett Avenue. This is the first time SJV Homes has built residences in Delano. Construction on models will begin in the spring and sales are expected to start in summer 2021.

Fun New Ways to Color Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs
No doubt when Easter comes, your go to craft is the pre-made Easter egg kits that contain all you need to whip up a batch of pretty pastel eggs. But this year, go a step further with one or more of these ideas for the prettiest eggs on the block!

Quick and Easy Ways to Save a Little Money

girl loading dishwasher
Whether you’re looking for a new home, eyeing an expensive remodel or planning for new furniture and upgrades, saving money is going to be a primary focus. Of course there are the obvious ways to save…eat in more, buy fewer non-essential items, cut back the triple soy skinny lattes. But, here are some sneaky ways to save a few cents inside your home that will just require a change in habits or lifestyle.

What to Expect at a Seller’s Home Inspection

Home Inspection
Congratulations! You’ve just picked out your favorite San Joaquin Valley Homes house to live in! But now you must sell your current one. One of the many steps of the sales process is the dreaded home inspection. Here are some ideas on what to expect. Knowing what could be coming can you help you prepare, and in turn, have a successful and, hopefully, fast closing!

Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make With Your Kids

Valentine crafts
Valentine’s Day is another holiday that is so much fun to celebrate with your family. After all, it’s a day we shower each other with a little extra love. And a fun way to celebrate with your children is to make crafts together. Here are some simple ideas to create several lovely tokens of your affection for each other.

Five Benefits of a Smaller Home

Kensington kitchen
Some people dream of living in an expansive home with bedrooms and bathrooms galore. Others, however, appreciate the coziness and simplicity a smaller home can offer. There are many good reasons to consider a home that is more right-sized for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

The Perfect Powder Room

Powder Room
One of the smallest rooms in your house is also one of the most important and visited– the powder room. Not only used by the home’s residents, but it is also often seen by guests. Here are a few ways to make this little spot convenient and pleasing to all. And because of its size, it can be a really fun room to decorate!

Five Ways to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

Organize holiday decorations
Before you start to put away the many bins of decorations you may have pulled out for the season, let’s focus and regroup on how to store them again. If your M.O. was to frantically search box after box in the garage for everything you need, we’ve come up with some solutions to help you make next year’s holiday hunt a little easier!

Creating Holiday Traditions In Your New Home

Creating Holiday Traditions In Your New Home
If this is your first holiday season in your new home, you may be extra excited to start new family traditions that last a lifetime and even be passed down to the next generation. Of course as we prepared this list, we’ve taken in account our recent collective need for staying close to home and socially distancing from others. Enjoy!

Walking Trails in the Central Valley

Walking Trails in the Central Valley
Now that the cooler weather has arrived, it’s a lovely time to take advantage of the beautiful hiking and walking paths in and around our Central Valley. From easy to hard, there are plenty of trails throughout this area to enjoy for the whole family. Here is a quick list of some of our favorites!