Using Your Smartphone As A Smart Tool In Your New San Joaquin Valley Home

Smart phone with line drawing of a house on the screen

Having a camera on the smartphone in your pocket makes it handy to take photos when the mood hits. In fact, when you decided to buy a home in the San Joaquin Valley, you probably took photos of the models and the neighborhood to share with friends and family. Here are a few more shots to take for organizing your life.

Walk Through
After your new home is built and you check it out with a walk-through, take pictures of the empty spaces. You can then document any changes you want made or any issues that need correcting. When you’re ready to buy furniture, window coverings or other accessories, you have pictures of the space that you can refer to, instead of relying on memory.

Add a sense of scale by putting a yardstick or a person in the picture, so you have an accurate idea of how big spaces are. Get a shot of the floor plan diagrammed in the housing brochure for an overview of how rooms relate to each other. Don’t forget to take pictures of the exterior as well to help with any landscaping decisions.

Filled Rooms
After you’ve moved in all the furniture and set up the initial décor, take additional photos. Open all closets and cupboards and take pictures of their interiors as well.

When you want to match the color or style of what you have with additional purchases, you’ll have something to refer to.

Photos also provide documentation of what you own for insurance. Get pictures of manufacturer tags and product numbers as well as any receipts so you have proof of cost.

If you like to organize your tools or hobby equipment by hanging them on a wall, take a photo of that wall when you have all the items up. If you forget where something goes, you have a reference in the photo.

When you need to take anything apart, such as a large armoire to fit through a door or a vacuum with a belt that you’re changing, take a photo at each stage of the disassembly. When you put it back together again, you’ll have help with the home made users manual you’ve assembled.

Lost your car?
When you park in a large parking lot take pictures of your car in its surroundings and any identifying signs and landmarks. If you don’t remember where you parked, use the photos to remind you.

Going on a trip? Take photos of your itinerary, airline tickets, hotel reservations, and confirmation letters so you can refer to these documents even if you don’t have an internet connection. Photos of your credit cards and ID are also helpful in case you lose them.

Take photos of your luggage, contents, and receipts for anything you’re taking with you. If your bags don’t make it to your destination, you can show the carrier what they looked like and can document any claims if your stuff is never found.

If you’re traveling abroad, include photos of your passport, particularly the ID pages, and visas. If these documents are lost or stolen, the authorities can more quickly replace them.

For more tips on making he most of your smartphone camera or if you want to tour any of our developments, please contact us.

Lisa Walker