Simplify your life with a new San Joaquin Valley Home

family playing in the snow with a snowman they built

Buying one of our new San Joaquin Valley homes presents an opportunity to start fresh. Take advantage of new beginning by simplifying your life. You can then spend more quality time with your family in updated surroundings. Here are a few tips:

Leave it behind.

Those spacious rooms in your new home get crowded quickly once you fill them with items from your old place. So, before you make the move to one of our communities, go through every item you own and ask yourself if you really need it. Look inside every drawer and cabinet. If it’s something you haven’t used in a long time, you likely won’t miss it. Then sell all these unwanted possessions online or through a garage sale, give them to friends or donate to charity. Not having to bring these items saves you money and time and can put extra cash in your pocket.

Turn it off.
How many notifications and emails do you get a day? All these notices demand attention if only to delete them. Unsubscribe from email lists and turn off notifications to clear the clutter from your screens. You can always manually check them out when you’re ready.

Just say “no.”
You may want to make friends and get to know people in your new community. You join clubs, groups and teams and encourage other members of your family to do the same. At your numerous meetings, people start asking you to do things, and you start staying “yes” because you want to be part of the group. Don’t be afraid to say “no.” In fact, commit to just one thing at a time from just one group. Better yet, don’t wait to be asked. Volunteer to do something. You then get control over what to do and when to do it.

Focus on experiences rather than things.
It’s fun to own the latest gadget or the hottest fashion trends. But you have to put it somewhere and take care of it. Rather than spending time and money on things, focus on experiences, which you’ll always remember. Hold off on that latest bag from New York and go on a weekend vacation there instead. That gaming console is never going to be as much fun as family outings. Instead of the latest table saw to replace the one you have, take a woodworking class.

A new home is a chance to make a major change not only in your living space but also in the way you live. To find out more, or if you want to check out one of our model homes in person, SJV Homes now has open for sale 10 communities with a combined 845 single-family homes. If you would like more information, sign up for our interest list here.