Seven Simple Ways to Lower Utility Bills During the Summer

Utilities bills

Summer is here, it’s hot in our little valley and it is a typically expensive time of the year when it comes to utilities. You may also find your home is a little busier right now working from home and a decidedly lack of kids’ activities available. We’ve curated a few ways to keep your utility costs down during the next few months. 

  1. Take advantage of the longer days and shorter nights by spending more time outdoors in the evenings. You can use this time to read, play games or talk taking the burden off your lights, computers and televisions.
  2. Make sure your air condition unit(s) and filters are all in good working order. Any extra strain can cause them to work harder costing you more money in the long run.
  3. If you have the space, air dry some of your clothes and linens in the back yard. You’ll not only benefit from a smaller gas or electrical bill, but you’ll also have that fresh outdoor scent you can only get when your items are air dried.
  4. Cook outside instead of in the kitchen. Your oven will heat up the inside causing your air conditioner to turn on – two extra costs you don’t need! Find some great outdoor alternative grilling recipes for dishes you might not know can be cooked on the barbecue. You may amaze your family with your newfound culinary skills all while saving money and energy.
  5. Install an attic fan to use during the evenings when the temperature cools down. This relatively inexpensive add to your home allows you to sleep with the windows open while getting cool circulating air flowing throughout the house. While this won’t work on really hot evenings, it can certainly replace the A/C on cooler nights.
  6. Install a smart thermometer to help regulate and maintain your home’s temperature. Read the manual to learn how to set it in a way that benefits you and your family’s lifestyle.
  7. Set savings goals with your electric company and set up notifications to be alerted when you’re starting to exceed your monthly goal. This way you can reign in your usage before it’s too late. 

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