What To Do With Your Spare Room

What To Do With Your Spare Room

Have you found you have more bedrooms in your home than you have people? When you bought your home, you may have had a full house, but over time, your family – especially your kids – may come and go as they get older. Or maybe you purchased a home with an extra room with the thought of transforming it into something special. Here are some ideas for what to do with that extra real estate. 

Study. You may home school, have kids currently enrolled in virtual learning or embarking on a post graduate degree, so the need for a quiet studying spot could be paramount to your success. You can create a cozy classroom or study complete with workspaces, a library nook and a tech area. 

Home Office. Many people are opting for or being transferred to home offices – especially now. And as a result, a quiet place with a door is more necessary than it ever has been. Create a productive and spacious home office with lots of room to move about while maintaining privacy from the rest of the household. 

Extra Closet Space. Let’s face facts…there are never enough closets in even the largest mansion, so why not earmark this space for your closet overflow. To maintain the integrity of it being a bedroom first/storage solution second, install temporary shelving, cupboards, hanging bars, hooks etc., that can be removed if or when necessary. You’ll have fun customizing it to exactly how you want! 

Man Cave or She Shed. Neither a cave nor a shed, this popular hideaway can be whatever you want it to be! From a game room for the guys to a crafting room for the ladies, customize this newfound space as a little escape area where you can partake in your favorite hobby or activity with your friends. 

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