Five Benefits of a Smaller Home

Kensington kitchen

Some people dream of living in an expansive home with bedrooms and bathrooms galore. Others, however, appreciate the coziness and simplicity a smaller home can offer. There are many good reasons to consider a home that is more right-sized for you, your family, and your lifestyle. 

Not as Expensive to Purchase. Many homes are priced per square foot so the fewer square feet, the less you’re going to pay. Spending less on the actual home can leave you with more money to spend on the interior, so you can design and decorate exactly how you want with fewer financial restrictions. 

Easier to Maintain and Clean. It goes without saying the less space you have the less space you have to clean! Two and half bathrooms are much easier to stay on top of than four to five. And a smaller living area means cleaning is a breeze leaving you more time to relax or do activities you enjoy. 

Less Costly to Run. Throughout the year our utility needs change, and this can result in substantial monthly electric and gas charges. With fewer rooms and space to heat and/or cool, your bill can be less shocking during the extreme months of summer and the cooler months of winter. 

More Emphasis on Experiences. If you have loads of space, you may be more likely to collect stuff. Perhaps with less room to display or store items you don’t necessarily need, you can be more mindful with your purchases and spend less money on things and more on experiences and activities. 

Organization is a Snap. If you know you’re not going to have a lot of space for your items, you can be more creative and organized with how you keep them. And when you go to look for something, it will be within reach and easier to find.

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