Treat Dad Like a Superstar on Father’s Day

Father's Day (1)

We’ve come up with some very special ways to show dad just how much he’s loved...not just on Father’s Day, but every day! And not all gifts have to come from a store. Some of the best gifts come straight from the heart. Consider one of these fun ideas or create something original on your own. Regardless, dad will feel the love no matter what you do. 

Ask him some questions. Do you know about your dad’s past? Have you heard his stories? Interview dad and ask him what his childhood was like, where he lived, what his friends were like, how he enjoyed school, what his dreams were, how he met your mom, etc. You may learn new parts of dad’s history you didn’t know. And if he lets you, record it all by video or audio so you can listen to it together later!  

Movie time. Cuddle up in the middle of the day with some popcorn and dad’s favorite family friendly movie. If he starts to doze off...let him. 

Make a memory book. A lot of our life is online, so instead of scrolling through your device to see what you’ve done in the past, put together and old-fashioned scrap book highlighting a time or event in your life together. Use printed photos, ticket stubs, wrist bands and anything else you can glue in your book! 

Organize for him. Dad may have a few areas of the house (his sock drawer, his toolbox, etc.) that could use a little organization help. Spend some time putting everything in order for him, so when he goes to these traditional messy spots later in the day, he’ll see them in a new way! Leave a little “I Love You Dad” post-it behind, so he knows who was there. 

Breakfast in bed or wherever. This is always a crowd pleaser! Design a fancy menu for him with all his breakie options and let him select his favorite items. Then serve them to him in the location of his choice. 

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