High Tech Gadgets for the Kitchen

Kitchen Gadgets

Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, this is the perfect room in the house to really ramp up with technology bells and whistles. There are many new smart products and gadgets on the market today to make your kitchen time fun, productive and high tech. Some of these of course, come with a cost, but others require minimal investment and are scalable. 

Digital date trackers. Devices such as DaysAgo attach directly to the lid of a jar. Once you open it, attach the tracker and start the timer. It will tell you exactly how long ago you opened it. 

Digital measuring cup. If your recipe leaves no room for error with measured ingredients, you can purchase a cup that weighs for volume and doubles as a regular measuring cup, as well. 

Smart large appliances. Many appliances can be accessed and controlled by an app on your device. Some fridges can be monitored internally by cameras and automatically add items to a shopping list! 

Smart small appliances. Are you wondering what the temperature of your slow cooker is while you’re at work? No problem! Log into the app to adjust your cooking temps or times. Other small appliances accessible by your phone include instant pots, air fryers, microwaves, toasters and more. 

Digital recipes. There are apps where you can store your favorite recipes, so they are quickly at your fingertips when you need them. A DIY version of this is to scan your recipes into a dedicated tablet that lives in the kitchen only. Buy a stand for it and you can easily access it when needed. 

Ask Alexa. Keep an Amazon Echo or similar device in the kitchen to act as a timer or to answer any cooking related questions like, “how long should I cook pasta?” or “how many ounces in a cup?” 

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