New Year Resolutions for Your Home

New Year for Home

To commemorate the beginning of each year, many of us take the time to list out what we want to do to better ourselves...our new year resolutions. While you’re making a list, why not consider adding some resolutions for your home as well. After all it needs to be taken care of too! 

Get organized. Whether you recently moved in and haphazardly put items away or you’ve let clothes, shoes and toys pile up in various places, resolve to incorporate a system that keeps everything in its place, so you can find your stuff easier – making your life easier in the process. 

Fix things when they’re broken. It’s easy to procrastinate mending – especially if it’s something you’re not using in your day-to-day life. But instead of moving it from one to-do list to another, get on top of repairs. If left too long, they can sometimes get worse. Try to fix them before they become a more serious problem. 

No shoes inside. This resolution doesn’t just make good sense for keeping floors clean, but it’s also a good health habit. Your shoes collect myriad of germs and bacteria every day, and if you wear them in your home, you’re tracking all of that inside. Put a nice shoe shelf near the door to get everyone into the habit of removing shoes and boots as soon as they come inside. 

Keep it clean. Try to stay on top of daily chores so they don’t pile up. Commit to doing one load of laundry every day, making sure the kitchen is tidy when you go to bed or cleaning out the dishwasher as soon as it is done. Investing a little time each day to complete little tasks will greatly cut down the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Make your curb appealing. Since this is the first place eyes fall, ensure your front of house is kept clean, tidy and attractive. In the process, your home will feel more welcoming to not just your guests, but to you as well – which is also very important! 

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