How to Pick the Perfect Paint Sheen for Each Room

Paint Sheens

Did you know there are five types of sheens when it comes to paints? And did you also know that paint sheen is not a one-sheen-fits-all type of product. Where a scrubbable high gloss is good for one room it may be too much for another. This helpful breakdown will assist you at the paint counter when you’re selecting the paint for your new home. 

Flat/Matte Finish: Since this type of paint has very little to no reflection it’s a good choice for walls that may have blemishes, bumps or chips. It’s not very durable, so when you scrub it, it can come off quite easily. It’s not a good choice for walls that are prone to kids having a lot of access to. It is the least expensive and it covers well. Another good location for flat paint is the garage because it touches up nicely. 

Eggshell Finish: Also a not-too-shiny, flat paint, this finish does have a little luster – like that of an eggshell. It’s a good choice in the dining room where walls don’t have too many hands touching them. It rates a medium durability, and it hides imperfections on a wall. 

Satin Finish: Some describe this as velvety, and it has a high durability factor. Because it has some shine, it doesn’t hide imperfections well. It’s a practical choice for family rooms, kids’ playrooms and kids’ bedrooms because it can be wiped down without the paint coming off in the process. 

Semi-gloss Finish: This is a good choice for areas that may suffer some banging and scuffing like trims and chair rails because of its high durability rating. Like its name, it has a nice shine to it. 

High Gloss Finish: The most durable and shiny of all sheens, high gloss is perfect for areas that are prone to grease and moisture – especially the kitchen, bathrooms and window trims. It can be thoroughly wiped down, it reflects a lot of light but it also shows all application errors, so buyer and painter beware.   

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