Four Reasons Downsizing Can Be a Good Idea

Downsizing - Mariposa

It may be the period of your life when you realize it’s time to potentially downsize your house. Your children may be grown, or you simply think it’s time to go smaller and to minimalize and simplify your life. If you need some good reasons to tip the less-is-more scale, read on. 

Easier to clean. This is a no-brainer really! Fewer bathrooms, fewer bedrooms and less square footage mean shorter trips around the house with a mop, broom, duster and vacuum cleaner. What may have taken you a few hours to clean in your larger home, may take mere minutes to do. Or if you have a cleaning service, you may save a little money. 

You’ll have less clutter. Because space is a premium, you’ll want to really think about what you need and want and how you’ll work that into your home. Maybe it’s time to sell that second or third set of dishes or purge items that you never use anymore. Fewer items around will make your home feel and look tidier and more organized which can make you feel calmer. 

Less expensive. Not only are smaller homes priced less, when you purchase one (which can equal less debt as well), it will be a lot less expensive to maintain and insure. If you’re used to hiring out household tasks like gardening and housekeeping, you may be able to tackle these jobs yourself, and you’ll certainly benefit from lower monthly utility bills. 

You’ll save money on decorating. You can most definitely still buy and create décor that shows off your design esthetic, but with not as many rooms, you’ll need less of it. And since many decorative projects like flooring and painting are usually priced by the square foot, they will cost much less than in a larger home. If you go from a two-story house to a one-story house, you’ll save a lot also, on not having to purchase flooring for stairs, which is the costliest part of the job. 

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