Five Gifts to Bring a New Homeowner

Homeowner Gifts

Do you have friends or family who have invited you to see their new home? Or maybe you’ve moved into a new community, and you want to show your enthusiasm for your new neighbors with a small housewarming gift. This list of exceptional gifts will certainly be appreciated and used over and over again! 

  1. Personalized address labels. Whether you decide to make them yourself or order them, try to customize the look and feel to your recipient. If they have a family with small children and pets, look for cute family characters. If it’s a more professional couple, consider ones more formally designed. Another nice option is a customized stamp so it can be used in a variety of ways. 
  1. Throw pillow(s). If you’re not sure of the colors your friends have chosen, opt for a neutral design that can be tossed anywhere from the couch, a bed or a cozy nook. 
  1. A doormat. From a whimsical fun design to a monogrammed one, this is a “welcoming” gift that will be used every day and seen by everyone who stops by. 
  1. Baked goods. Of course, you can’t bring sweet somethings from your own kitchen or favorite bakery without presenting them nicely. Purchase a cupcake tower, cake stand or beautiful pie dish to be used later during other special occasions. 
  1. Linen napkins. Splurge on a set of at least eight for formal dinners (that you hope to be invited to!) or for casual everyday meals. Either match to their existing dinnerware or mix up the colors for a fun look. 

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