How to Host a Fabulous Friendsgiving


While the first Thanksgiving is thought to have occurred in the late 15th century, modern day Friendsgiving’s timeline is around the early 2000s giving it lots of time to evolve evoking new traditions and fun twists. One of the most obvious variations between the two is whom you have at the table. Instead of your long-distance relatives, you’re celebrating with your closest friends – which gives it its own, new vibe. If you’re hosting Friendsgiving this year, these ideas will help you plan.

Traditional or modern? What do you want the mood of your special day to be? Do you want to mimic your family traditions or jump into a brand-new rhythm? Whatever you decide, let your guests know ahead of time, so everyone is on the same page when it comes to dressing up, décor and food. 

Gourmet or good enough? If all your friends are foodies, challenge them to create a special signature dish that goes with your theme. If you hang out with friends who are more likely to UberEats their food on Fridays, have them make or purchase something they’d love to share with everyone. 

Create a signature cocktail or mocktail. As the host, start a few days in advance and start concocting a specialty drink that complements your event and the season. You can serve it upon arrival or with dessert as an aperitif. 

Manage the menu. Keeping in mind your theme, assign special dishes to special people, but save the main one for yourself. Whether it’s tofu turkey, lasagna or biryani, the host should prepare the entrée. From there you can either let your guest surprise everyone with their dish or have a planned menu and let each person choose what to bring. 

Don’t forget the décor. If perhaps you have friends who struggle in the kitchen, assign them with the decorations. They can be in charge of place settings, the centerpiece, or fancy place cards. 

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