2023 Goal: Kindness and Helpfulness in the Community

New Year Volunteer

We tend to make resolutions at the beginning of each year with the hope that we can make changes for the better in our lives. Often these resolutions are for ourselves: resolving to live a healthier lifestyle, resolving to spend less money, resolving to travel more. But we can also make resolutions that better our communities. It’s a nice reminder to do random acts of kindness. Making the world a little better for someone can make your day better having done it. Here are some ideas to do good work for others. 

Pick up trash. As you walk around your community, take your kids to school or hike on local trails, take a small bag and gloves with you to pick up the trash you see. You’ll not just help keep your neighborhood clean, you’ll teach your children good habits. 

Help a neighbor. If you have a neighbor who needs a helping hand every now and then, offer up your services. This can be as simple as asking a busy parent if she needs anything from the store when you go or helping them carry their groceries when they return from the store. 

Volunteer. No matter where you live, some local organizations need help whether it’s a library, a community kitchen or fundraising drive for a local cause. Offer your help by participating yourself or do it as a family. 

Practice acts of kindness. Just like a smile, kindness can be contagious. This can be as simple as holding a door open for someone or buying the coffee order for the car behind you in the drive thru. Look for opportunities to be helpful and kind to strangers without the need for acknowledgement. 

Say hi. It’s easy!! If you are walking, hiking, shopping, waiting, or doing anything where you may see other people, simply smile and say hi. There’s probably no need for anything more to make someone feel special and noticed. 

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