Treat Your Dog to a Great Backyard

Pets and backyard

Just like kids (and some adults!), dogs love to jump and play in the yard and enjoy toys, games, water and shady places to relax like everyone else. We checked around to find out just what our canine counterparts want in their own space while keeping them safe, exercised and hydrated, and this is what we found out! 

Shoo flea don’t bother me! There are some plants that repel those pesky bugs, so it’s a good idea to have a few in your garden to keep the flea population down. These super plants include sage, rosemary, marigolds and catnip (which can act double duty for your feline friends!) 

Know your poisons. Before you plant anything in your yard, be sure to look up whether or not it’s safe for your pets. Some common flowers that are almost standard to back gardens can be deadly. These include chrysanthemums, irises, hydrangeas, dahlias, peonies and begonias. 

Practice fencing. There may be some areas you want to keep out of bounds for your pup. You may have a vegetable or flower garden that you don’t want to be dug up and damaged. If so, add a fence. This fence can be a standard wooden fence, or you can create a decorative boundary using white pickets or stacked stones. 

Sort out the shade. It goes without saying, dogs get hot! Provide them with shady, comfy areas where they can relax and cool down from the heat of play. This can also lessen their urge to dig holes because often when dogs do that, they’re looking for a cool place to lie down. Plant trees or add an awning to the yard. 

Avoid planting grass everywhere. This is more advice for the owner. Dog waste is notorious for killing and coloring grass because of chemicals that occur naturally. Also, dogs will compact the grass from too much running and potentially dig holes. Instead consider groundcovers like smooth stones, cedar chips, straw, coconut fibers and rubber nuggets. 

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