How To Use Your Walls When Decorating And Organizing Your New Home In Sedona At Palo Verde

Dining Area of home

When decorating, people often think about wall colors and how to arrange keepsakes. But the walls of a home are so much more than just a place for paint. Every inch of your walls provide space to speak your style and bring refreshment, interest and excitement to everyone who enters. Here are some unique ways to use your walls to their full potential.

First, look at lots of art. Go to galleries, to thrift stores, browse the internet for photos and art pieces that stand out to you. After some time, you will start to notice a pattern. Maybe it’s a color pattern, or a subject pattern. Maybe you like bright, warm colors, or maybe you like lighthouses and seashells. Whatever it is, choose something that stands out to you. Find a painting, a photo or a poster. Frame it and bring it home and put it in your living room. Don’t find just one, but several that have something in common. Or use the same frame to tie several different pieces together.

If you’re looking for something fresh and unique, hang wall vases and then hang an open frame around them, allowing for a weekly dose of fresh flowers or seasonal vegetation. This would be ideal in a foyer, the perfect welcome for you and all the guests who enter your home. But this would also work well in a kitchen or a hallway. And you don’t have to use vases, or even glass. Think watering cans, wicker baskets. Variety is your friend.

Now, let’s talk about the kitchen, a place where walls are sometimes forgotten. This is one place that can get awfully messy. And when it’s messy, no one wants to be in there. But kitchens can be so pretty and welcoming.

Use a pegboard (or skip the pegboard and just use heavy duty hooks) to hang your pans on the wall. Paint this space in a bright, semi-gloss paint so that it becomes a beautiful place that is easy to clean and practical. Your pans are organized and you’ve created a focal point for your kitchen.

Choose storage options that fit your decorating plan. One way to do this is to purchase storage that you love. Don’t buy things just because they are cheap; you will soon come to hate those things. Spend your money on organizational tools that make you happy. If the $20 flour/sugar/coffee/tea canisters brighten your day because they are yellow and have swirly designs on them, got for it. They are something you’ll be using regularly. This is true for pantry organization as well, and proper pantry organization can improve everything about the way you use and treat your kitchen. Spend some time reading blogs about this because we are not experts on that subject, but we know that pantry experts exist.

Lastly, make sure you hang something beautiful in your kitchen. It is a place of functionality. But that doesn’t mean everything has to serve a utilitarian purpose. Hang a collage of your favorite family photos, a piece of artwork that your children made or a poster or painting that you purchased from an art gallery.

Hopefully we have inspired you to want to organize and improve your new home in Sedona at Palo Verde.

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Lisa Walker